Mediumship Readings

Mourning the loss of a loved one? Wondering if there really is life after death?

As a Certified Professional Medium, I relay messages from your deceased loved ones in a safe and comfortable setting.

Through working as a Medium, I communicate with your deceased loved ones to share healing messages to bring about peace, love and understanding. This greatly assists you in easing your mind about a deceased loved one, helping to have closure with a loved one’s death and in working through forgiveness and anger that you may have with a deceased person.

Mediumship readings are accomplished through connecting with  the Angels to make sure that all of the messages are in your highest and best interest, calling forward the deceased person whom you wish to communicate with and asking the deceased persons’ permission to relay any messages they may have for you.

Common Questions:
Are my loved ones at peace?

What messages do my loved ones have for me?


30 Minute Session ~ In Person, via Zoom, Facebook Mesenger or Over the Phone : $60

60 Minute Session ~ In Person, via Zoom, Facebook Messenger or Over the Phone : $120

All sessions are strictly confidential.


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