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Angels in Disguise


Have you ever had an experience where you felt that listening to your Intuition has saved your life? There are so many miraculous and synchronistic experiences that listening to our intuition will bring into our lives. When we feel compelled to take a certain action, read a book, take a course or meet up with a friend, following the Divine Guidance that we’re receiving may be as simple as having a better day or it may be as profound as a life that continues to be lived.

This past weekend, I had just such an experience. While driving along a highway, I caught a glimpse of the incredible sunset in my rearview mirror. The light, mountains and trees in the background were spectacular. I felt compelled to stop to take a picture. I pulled over safely on the shoulder in an easily visible area and put on my four way flashers, so that when I was taking a picture of the sunset that I would be easily seen.

Within moments of getting out of the car and being ready to take the picture, a transport truck came up over the hill, saw me and pulled over on the shoulder behind me…blocking my shot of the gorgeous and fading sunset. The very sweet man asked if I was okay and if he could do anything to help. We laughed as I explained that I and my car were fine, I had just pulled over on the side of the road to take a picture of the glorious sunset behind us…and as nicely as I could, I also let him know that he was blocking my shot. After thanking him for his kindness and knowing that I was okay, he continued on his way.

There were very few cars on this stretch of road and as I’d only stopped momentarily to take a few pictures of the sunset, I was hoping to see him again in order to say thanks. I didn’t know how that would be able to happen since we’d both be driving our respective vehicles, but I felt compelled to once again say thanks.

Even though my tank was more than half full and I had plenty of gas to get to my destination, I felt compelled to stop to refuel. While I was in line paying, a man who was also purchasing something came up to me and addressed me as “Ma’am” (not a word I hear very often). I didn’t recognize him at first, until he asked me if I was the person stopped on the side of the road…and I recognized the same company logo on his baseball hat, which I had seen on his truck. I was grateful for the opportunity to once again say thanks. Divine Intervention and Guidance had saved both of our vehicles, and our lives. He shared that shortly after leaving me, there was a huge bull moose on the road that he was able to narrowly avoid because he wasn’t yet back up to speed as he had stopped to see if I was okay. Because I had felt compelled to stop to take the picture, I had missed the moose completely.

It sends shivers down my spine when I realized how both of our lives were saved.

What are the moments in your life where you know where listening to your Intuition benefited you or even saved your life? Have you ever had the experience of meeting a person who felt like an Angel in disguise?

I look forward to hearing about your experiences.

Have a wonderful day,

Clearing Your Energy and Aura


Too often in our fear-based environment, whether it’s the news, social media, family, friends, acquaintances or our working environment, the information that’s being directed our way is fear-based and is coming from a place of lack. Messages are communicated, either subtly or overtly, that we’re not safe, we’re not good enough or that something bad which happened to someone else, can happen to us as well. It is easy to become locked in fear, and for hypervigilance and worry to be our normal mode of operating in the world. In order the numb ourselves from the pain, worry, anxiety, depression and fear, people may turn to alcohol, drugs, sugary or salty food, or other excessive habits in order to block out and try to forget about the discomfort and pain that they feel.

Eventually, the pain becomes too great to bare and it can no longer be blocked out, ignored or numbed by what ‘worked’ before. There is a decision to be made and it will continue to present itself until we listen to the intuitive messages that are receiving. First we hear the whispers, then we get the pebble up side the head and eventually the whole brick wall comes tumbling down. Trust that the whispers that you’re hearing are Divine messages, that are meant specifically for you. They are meant to be listened to the first time that we hear them, before they become the loud booming voice that we can no longer ignore.

This worry, fear-based and negative energy can become stagnant in our body, our home and our work environments. We become disconnected from our Spirit, which is the Divine nature within us. We may try to control our external environment as much as possible when our internal environment feels like a chaotic mess and is out of control. Or we may give up on that entirely, feeling that nothing that we do is good enough, so why bother even trying. All of this fear-based energy keeps us feeling disconnected from our Spirit, from shining our light, from being the best version of ourselves and from living a life that truly makes us feel alive.

The first and most effective step is to disconnect from all the energy, people and situations that are draining to us. In the long run, this may create a lot of change in your life, however just take it one step and choice at a time. When we approach it from a perspective of feeling more alive, loved, peaceful, joyful, inspired and connected to our Spirit, we will naturally search out more of this Divine energy which keeps us whole.

Your intuition will guide you on each step, whether it’s time to stop watching or reading the news, unsubscribe from newsletters which are automatically delivered to your inbox, reduce the amount of friends, people you follow or groups that you subscribe to on your social media platform. It may be time to release friendships or relationships, lovingly and respectfully which have come to an end. You may be guided to leave a job or career that you have outgrown, and which has served its purpose in your life. It may be time to make room for new opportunities, employment or friendships. The energy drain may even be present in a community group that you volunteer with, attend or participate in. It may be time to change your level of involvement with and commitment to this organization. You will know what resonates with and what feels right for you.

Once you’ve taken these first steps, it is time to release the attachments which are draining you energetically. My favourite way to do this is to have Archangel Michael put a Divine vacuum, about a metre above my or my clients head. The dark and draining energy is quickly, easily and completely released from my and my client’s body and energetic field. Once all of the darkness and draining energy has been cleared, have Archangel Michael replace the vacuum with one that will fill up all the empty space in your body and aura with Divine golden light.

Other people, whether they are known to us or not, especially in the age of social media, may be draining your energy without you being aware of it. Sit or lay comfortably, whatever feels right to you. Visualize, hear, feel or know that energetic cords are being completely and easily released from all parts of your body and aura. You may feel shards of glass, knives or swords been pulled out of your neck, shoulders or your back, you may hear a suction sound as it’s been released. You may see energetic cords including the roots, being removed from your abdomen, heart or lungs. You may know that you feel lighter, like a baggage or a burden has been permanently put down and has been released from your body. Once this has been released, call upon Jesus or Archangel Raphael, the healing Angel, to heal all parts of your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual body and aura, easily and completely.

Now that the draining energy has been cleared and you’re connected to Divine Guidance, it is time to protect your Spirit so that only love, peace, joy and positive experiences can enter your field. Anything that would have been draining is now observed, instead of experienced. The most effective technique that I’ve experienced is having Archangel Michael put a Divine Golden Shield of light around you, along with his sword, which will continually remove and cut away all draining energies that approach you, in all aspects of your life, and from all directions of time and space. These energies will naturally and completely be removed before they ever enter your energetic field. You will naturally feel stable, grounded and whole, instead of relying on adrenaline to feel alive and using other substances to bring you back down to earth. Archangel Michael can be continue to be present in your life, providing this Divine protection and support in all areas of your life.

I look forward to hearing how releasing your burdens and reconnecting with your Spirit has helped you in your life.

Connecting With Divine Energy

cotton candy sunrise

Growing up as an intuitive child, I was very much naturally connected to my Spirit and Divine Energy through God, the Angels, Mother Mary, St. Francis, Moses and others. Our Spirit is our natural state of being and is the Divine Energy that resides within us. It is who we are before we were born, and after we pass away.

As a young child, and even as an adult, I have been told by people who I love and respect that it’s not Divine Energy that I’m connecting with, as only priests or the Pope can do this. So, by default, they told me that I was connecting with the devil/enemy, who was making himself appear in Divine form to me. Perhaps you or someone you know may have experienced this or something similar. I feel guided to share what I have learned over my life about connecting with Divine Energy, and how to know the difference between Divine and non-Divine energy and beings.

Divine Energy is loving, joyful and peaceful. It is our pure consciousness and connection to our Spirit. It is the energy by which we receive inspiration, through Divine Guidance and our intuition. Everyone and everything has Divine Energy within them. There is no escaping this essential fact. Despite how a person is currently acting or portraying themselves, we are all one. We are all connected through this pure Divine love. Divine Beings such as Jesus, Mother Mary, Moses, St. Francis, Buddha and Yogananda etc. have lived on Earth and have reached enlightened states of being through working with and connecting to Divine Energy. Other more modern Spiritual teachers such as Wayne Dyer, Debbie Ford and others continue to teach Divine lessons from the other side (also known as heaven, Valhalla, Paradise, beyond the veil etc.). Divine beings such as God (what some will call Life or the Universe), Angels and the Holy Spirit have never lived physical lives on Earth, however they are just as present as any living person here on Earth. Each one of these Divine Beings feel, look and sound different, which is how you can tell the difference between each of them. Each person is able to connect with these Divine Beings by connecting with their intuition, through sight, sound, taste, touch, knowing and feeling.

When we are connected with Divine Energy and our Spirit, we feel more alive. Life runs much more smoothly, through miracles and synchronistic events. We will meet the right person, receive an unexpected gift or hear of an opportunity at the perfect time, as if everything is happening through magic. Events also occur naturally that could have never manifested had you just been using your own wisdom, talents and steam. When you are engaged in activities that connect you with your Spirit and Divine Energy, you also have a lot more energy during and after the fact than you had before. It is easier to see how everything fits together in perfect order. Even seeming ‘obstacles’ are there as opportunities, to teach us lessons, direct us on our path and to connect us with the right people at the right time.

Divine Beings can assist us in all aspects of our lives. Due to the law of free will, it is up to us to ask for their Divine Guidance and support, as well as to act upon the intuitive messages that we receive. Some examples include calling upon Moses for assistance with leadership, Jesus and Archangel Raphael for assistance with healing, Mother Mary and Kuan Yin for guidance related to children and motherhood, St. Francis for assistance in taking care of animals, Archangel Uriel for assistance in clearly and easily understanding our intuition and Archangel Gabriel for assistance with ease of clear communication. Divine Beings are pure love and work with God’s pure light love and energy. Divine beings can also be all places at once. When you call upon them for their love and assistance, you are not taking their support away from another human being. The love and Divine energy multiplies and expands as each person connects with their Spirit. Like a candle flame, the original flame doesn’t become dimmer or go out when the other candles are lit. The light grows and expands. This is where miracles occur. When people are simultaneously connected with and are following the Divine Wisdom that they receive.

The signs and symptoms for being disconnected from your Spirit or being influenced by non-Divine beings (such as souls who have passed away and have chosen to stay on Earth instead of crossing over, or other energies that vibrate at a lower frequency and are disconnected from Divine energy) include: giving your power away, measuring success by external means (ie: how many likes, friends or followers you have through social media), letting others make important decisions for you, depression, anxiety, insomnia, taking on personality traits that are not your own, suicidal thoughts or actions, excessive complaining or negativity, isolation, addiction, uncontollable anger or rage, abuse, neglect, or our life being out of alignment with our true hopes, goals and dreams.

When people are disconnected from their Spirit, there is an emptiness inside and a void that needs to be filled, that non-Divine energy can’t satisfy, no matter how much shopping we do, cupcakes we eat, how much money we spend etc. The emptiness and the void is still there. The way to release the emptiness from your life is to connect with the aliveness inside of you. Call upon Divine Beings such as Jesus, Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael to clear, bless and protect your energy. You can ask them to fill all aspects of your life with Divine energy and to easily connect with your Spirit and intuition, and to receive Divine Guidance on how to recognize and shine your light. Opportunities will naturally come into your life to provide confirmation that you’re on the right path.

Although other people, some whom you may love and respect very much, may not understand or believe in your Divine Guidance or connection, you will know this truth for yourself. It is important to continue to shine your light and to allow the Divine Wisdom of the Universe to work with you and through you in all aspects of your life. When you’re inspired, you’re connected to your Spirit and Divine Energy. Think about who and what inspires you. What is it about that person or their life that resonates with you? What is it about your own life that makes you feel alive, filled with energy and that no time has passed?

I look forward to hearing about what connects you to your Spirit and what makes you feel alive.

A Year Ago Today…

Do you remember where you were a year ago today? Do you remember your mindset? What challenged you? Where your opportunities were? What made you come alive?

What about on May 19, 2018? Will you think back to today with the thought, “wow, that was a year ago? I’m amazed by how much I’ve grown, what incredible memories I’ve made and what incredible milestones there have been.”

A year ago today was the day before I was scheduled to fly from Halifax to Toronto from my first “I Can Do It!” Conference. It was an incredible, magical and miraculous experience. But a year ago today, I didn’t know that. I also didn’t know all of the miracles that would present themselves to me over the past year. A year ago I was terrified and was not understanding why my intuition was guiding me along this path. I couldn’t even begin to comprehend why my intuition was telling me that attending the “I Can Do It!” conference, was going to be a “life-changing experience”, but it was. And also, it continues to be.

Too often in life we give up two seconds before the miracle occurs. We don’t know that something magical is manifesting for us in that very moment, so we step away from the Divinely Guided opportunities that frighten us and which are awakening us to our Soul’s growth. Sometimes it feels safer to disregard the longings of our heart. We push off the “I’ll do that someday” too often and the “someday” never arrives. Through the law of free will, it is up to us to say yes.

It’s time to light up your life and for that “someday” to be today. Over the next 365 days, a year will pass and will you be any further ahead? Will you be grateful for all the great strides that you’ve taken and all the times you said yes to the opportunities that are presenting themselves to you? Will you be grateful for all of the miracles that have occurred in your life, and for the all of the times that you were able to support others and to be a miracle in their lives as well?

If you choose too, take this as a sign that you are been called to say yes to the greatness within you. There are miracles awaiting you in your life and all it takes is saying yes.

When we let Divine Guidance and our Intuition lead the way, we know that there is something greater than ourselves that’s creating these opportunities and miracles in our lives. Let yourself be guided, supported and loved. Say yes to the opportunities in front of you, even when you don’t see what the end result will be. Miracles are awaiting you. This time next year, you’ll be grateful for all the times that you said yes.

My First Mala Miracle

Nineteen years ago today, at 6:05pm on May 4th, 1998, my beloved Grampy passed away. We were always extremely close and he was one of the few people in my life that really understood me, loved me unconditionally and purposefully created special moments when we were together.

Although his passing was anticipated and I knew that I would be able to communicate with him after he passed, I was still devastated by this deeply painful loss. At the moment that he passed away at the hospital, his Spirit came to me, while I was in my brother’s bedroom on the computer, to let me know that he had to go, that he loved me and that he was proud of me. He appeared physically as a golden ball of light, floating about a meter above my brother’s bed. Grampy and I had a meaningful conversation, I let him know that I knew that he needed to go, that I loved him very much and that I would miss him profoundly. Many tears were shed that night. Even though I knew that he was now healthy and at peace, I already missed his physical presence in my life.

Nine years ago, on May 4th, 2008, dozens upon dozens of people were coming up to me saying, #MayTheFourthBeWithYou. Having never heard this phrase before, my first inclination was to think and to say, “and also with you.” After several hours of this greeting, it finally clicked. My Grampy was creating and finding a unique way of saying “hello” from the other side. Once I recognized and acknowledged this, I stopped hearing this greeting. I knew that even though his body was no longer housing his Soul, his Spirit was alive and was as vibrant as ever. It was a very loving, comforting and peaceful message to receive.

Being a person who loves great books, last week when I ordered The Magic Mala, I was very excited for it to arrive in 2 – 3 business days, which would have been Monday or Tuesday of this week. A few days after placing the order, I was disappointed to receive an e-mail, letting me know that I would need to wait until Thursday, the day after the book’s release. I hadn’t realized at the time what Thursday’s calendar date would be. I embraced that feeling of sadness for a short time and then chose to feel gratitude instead, that I would be receiving a first edition copy of a book that I was sure to love. I checked Canada Post’s tracking number several times throughout the week, to see where the book was and if it was going to be delivered early. Finally, I received it today!

When I picked up The a Magic Mala from my mailbox, I was so excited that I wanted to take some pictures of the book, including on the front passenger seat of my car, and holding it in my hand, in front of the steering wheel. When I went to put the book down, I was shocked…the time on the clock was 6:05pm…exactly nineteen years since my Grampy passed away. I was very grateful for his Divinely Guided message of love and for it being a true moment of Divine Timing and serendipity in my life.

It is an important reminder that our loved ones are with us at the pivotal moments in our lives. They love us, are proud of us and are guiding the right people and circumstances into our lives. It’s up to us to show up, say yes and to do the work that needs to be done.

The Magic Mala talks about ‘Mala Miracles’ and today I experienced my first, even before I opened the front cover to read a single word, and without owning a set of Mala beads. It’s amazing what gifts the Universe provides when we’re open and when we’re ready.

I invite you to be open to where miracles and serendipity are present in your life. You may be surprised by what you learn and discover. The Universe has your back.

Wishing you a blessed day.

Much Love,

Kathy ❤️❤️

When A Loved One Passes Away


Whether it’s expected or not, when a loved one passes away there can be so much grief, shock and sadness. The words that well intentioned people offer as comfort may not always come across the way that they had meant. Sometimes the people who are deeply grieving end up comforting the people who came to pay their respects. Other times it may be several years that pass before we allow ourselves to embrace the grief and let ourselves be comforted by it.

Recently, my friend Emily passed away. She was a very sweet, loving and vibrant person who gave bear hugs that would last forever. Like so many people, she didn’t know just how much she was loved. The packed church was just a small sample of all of the lives that she’s touched.

It has taken me many years and many people passing away for me to learn how to embrace my grief, as well as to learn what a blessing it is. When we try to ignore our feelings or pretend that we’re not as sad or heartbroken as we really are, those feelings will be expressed in other ways through pain, anger, frustration and fear. Eventually the feelings will become too big to ignore and a small thing can set off a big explosion or a tidal wave of grief in our lives. Through honouring the experiences that we’re having in the moment, we’re giving ourselves the opportunity to be free of carrying around this deep burden in our lives. I have now learned what an honour it is to grieve, just as much as it’s an honour to love and to be loved.

Although I already knew that Emily was at peace, during the funeral I felt guided to ask her for a sign. Sometimes our loved ones are able to let us know that they’re with us right away, while other times it may take them several years before they have this ability. Regardless of whether they are able to or not, you can rest assured that they want you to know just how much you are loved and that they want you to be at peace.

With Emily, the signs came unexpectedly and quickly (all within a couple of hours of her funeral). For the past several weeks I had been reading “You Can Create An Exceptional Life” by Louise Hay and Cheryl Richardson. I opened it up on page 133, where I’d left off and Louise’s words rang in my ears… “…She had one more important piece of advice about health and aging to share with me. “We need to make touch more of a habit, too. We all need more hugs. While I know many people can’t afford bodywork, we can always afford hugs. …Hugs will keep you young and happy.” And with that, she stands up, walks over to me, and gives me a big hug.” Being the grateful recipient of a couple of hugs and a kiss on the forehead by Cheryl, I’d say that Louise was also as equally blessed in the giving as in the receiving of this hug between them. My second sign from Emily, who also operated a daycare out of her home, was a tweet from Neale Donald Walsch (author of Conversations With God), “A way to teach your child self-acceptance is to show him unconditional love and acceptance (through a big, comforting bear hug).” I couldn’t help but smile. The third sign came when I was sitting down at a local mall. A man came over and washed one storefront window, right where there was a sign in a drop of water which said “Change The World.” …An important reminder for all of us… The fourth and final sign that day was also comforting, although it brought me to tears. I was guided to go into the bookstore of this same mall and to go over to the journal section, although I already have plenty. When I walked over, above my head was a speaker and a woman singing The Golden Girls theme song, “Thank You For Being A Friend.” To say that I lost it is a bit of an understatement.

Whether a person has mediumship abilities or not, you will know that your loved ones are communicating with you through a familiar scent, a sign or words in a book catching your eye that you know is meant just for you, a song playing over the radio or a speaker in a store, or a feeling of love and peace coming over you when you think of them or feel their presence. Signs from loved ones will also come from pets after they’ve passed on, to let us know that they are at peace, that they are no longer suffering and that they are healthy and free.

What signs have you had from your loved ones after they’ve passed on?

Have a wonderful week.

Much Love,


Divine Timing


Dearest Intuitives,

It’s amazing how things come together in our lives. Often, the most miraculous things happen quickly and as if by chance. I love the quote by Albert Einstein which says, “Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous.” I would like to add that sometimes God makes it clearly known that he is the one who is in charge and who is orchestrating the events in our lives.

Today I had a complete full circle moment. A few weeks ago I shared how I was Divinely Guided to attend the “I Can Do It!” Conference in Toronto, which is put on by HayHouse Publishing. On Saturday, May 21st, Colette Baron-Reid had a deceased gentleman come through who wanted to apologize to his son. Although people will sometimes stand up to claim a reading, even when all of the pieces don’t fit, no one was standing up to let Colette know that the person who was coming through was meant for them. There were few men in the audience and despite the strong evidential information that Colette relayed, it still remained a mystery.

As a medium, even when we’re being given certain information which doesn’t make sense to us, as the message is for the client, it’s important to honour the message that’s coming through and to know that it’s what the client needs to hear, whether it makes sense to them at the time or not. A professional medium won’t filter or interpret the message and will give it exactly as they receive it.

So although the messages that Colette was relaying at the time of her talk didn’t appear externally to make much sense, intuitively I knew based on my professional training and the past readings that I have done, that whether it was that day or another, or by Colette or someone else, that the message would eventually get through.

After meeting Colette and having my book signed following Dr. Christiane Northrup’s talk, I went to leave and go back to the hotel, however my intuition was strongly guiding me to go back and to take a picture. Intially I thought that it was to get a picture with Colette, which she graciously did. This evening I realized that it was a different picture that I was being guided to go back and take. When I saw the pictures today that I had forgotten about, I had chills. I’m still amazed and am shaking my head at how everything is coming together. It is truly nothing that I ever could have ever planned for or predicted. Earlier today I remembered Gabby Bernstein’s words, “Miracles occur naturally and when they’re not occurring, something has gone wrong.” At that time, I consciously chose that every day, I’m going to expect miracles in my life. So far, it’s off to a pretty good start.

When I went back to take a picture with Colette and was waiting for her to be done with the book signing, all of a sudden she turned around and exclaimed to Dr. Christiane Northrup’s friend, “It’s You!!!” He was the person that the message was meant for. Although I would normally never take a picture of a stranger, let alone someone having such an intimate conversation, my intuition was guiding me to “take the picture!” and was saying “this is important!” I had completely forgotten about this until this evening when I was looking for a photo of Colette on stage, to go along with this blog post.

Earlier today I just happened to listen to Dr. Christiane Northrup’s program on HayHouse Radio, which I don’t normally have the opportunity to do. I nearly fell out of my chair when I heard Chris relay the story of how she, Colette, and her guest for today’s show, Paul Luftenegger, had an incredible moment at her book signing in Toronto. I was guided to call into the radio show, again, something that I would normally not do, and was able to get through right away to speak with Chris and Paul. Only Divine Timing and Guidance can orchestrate something this miraculous. It truly felt like a full circle moment, knowing that everything happens for a reason, including this evening when I came across the forgotten picture of Chris, Paul and Colette. I didn’t realize at the time that the picture that I was being Divinely Guided to take was a different one that I went back for.

When God wants to get our attention, he will do it in the most miraculous ways. It’s important for us to each trust and to follow the Divine Guidance that we’re receiving, whether it makes sense to us at the time or not. Let God take care of the details, such as Divine Timing.

So now it’s your turn. How have miracles been showing up in your life? What events have occurred that now, looking back on them, you know that it was purely Divine Timing, and that as much as you would have loved to have been the one to orchestrate that moment, you know that there’s no way that you could have? I look forward to reading your experiences.

Much Love,


Memories of Heaven


Dearest Intuitives,

From my earliest days, I have had memories of what being in heaven is like, along with a detailed and unexpected meditation that I had one day when I was about 7 or 8. During this meditation, I received an influx of information and was shown everything from the beginning of time to the end of time, as well how all of life works together perfectly and synchronistically. When I was writing this post, I was also guided to include what I have learned in the many years since this very memorable experience. Although I have only shared my recollection of these experiences with a couple of select people in my life, I feel called to share this with you. At first I felt very nervous, exposed and scared in sharing my truth, however as the day has come closer to posting this, I now feel a calm confidence, knowing that it’s the right thing to do. I hope that it brings peace, love, hope, joy and understanding to all of you who are meant to read it.

Much Love,


Heaven is vast. There is darkness, but not emptiness. It extends on forever, there is no end. It continues on across all time and all space. Everything is happening at the same time in an organized way, without chaos or confusion. Just as the rays of the sun can be shining on the Earth and in outer space at the same time, our Soul and our Spirit has this ability as well. We are living the life that we chose for this present moment, while simultaneously, there are many other realities that exist. Everything is happening at once. We can tune into and manifest what ever we desire through connecting with our Spirit and our Divine Life Source.

There are lessons that we came here on Earth to experience, to learn and to grow from. Regardless if it was ‘person a’ or ‘person b’ in our lives that we learned the lesson from, we set up these opportunities for our Soul’s growth long before we were born. This is why forgiveness, letting go of anger, judgement and hate towards other human beings is so important, because they are just there to show us what we already believe about ourselves. They are holding up an energetic mirror in our lives, so that we can get past those self limiting beliefs and to grow as human beings.

When we live in alignment with this Divine Source and our Spirit, life is no longer a burden or a struggle. There will still be life lessons and experiences to learn from, however it will no longer weigh us down in the same way that it did when we were disconnected from our Spirit and from our Divine Life Force.

Each one of us is here to learn and to serve. I feel incredibly blessed by the life that I have had, struggles and all. I can see how the experiences that I’ve had can help to support and to have compassion for others, as they travel along their Divine Life Path. There is a deeper meaning, understanding and purpose for the events in all of our lives.

In heaven, everyone is Divine energy and appears as a ball of beautiful golden light, which is pure love. We all appear as the Source from which we came. Communication is done through thought, instead of through words. There are no languages and everyone understands each other easily. In this form, we are our true Divine nature and Spirit. Although we have vastly different physical bodies here on Earth, this Divine light remains in all of us, from birth to our last day, when we return back to our Source. And yes, even those who have perpetrated harm to others still have this Divine light and Spirit within them, whether they feel connected to it or not.

When we return to heaven, we each have a life review. There is no judgement. Everything that we did, whether loving or unkind, we will feel ten-fold. We also see the effect that our actions have had on other people’s lives. This doesn’t come from a place of malice, fear, guilt or shame. It is instead done out of love. This provides us with the opportunity to learn and to grow, as well as to see how the life that we lived, and the choices that we made, impacted other people’s lives. We see the impact from the stranger on the street that we shared a smile with, to the door that you held open for someone, to the cross word that you had with another person, to the family member or friend that you forgave, to the person that you encouraged and even to the driver that you mistakingly cut off in morning traffic. We see the ripple effect of how the actions in our life have had an impact on other human beings. We are each called to truly help, love and support others, as well as to show kindness, wherever we can.

As Carlos Castaneda wrote in The Power of Silence, and Wayne Dyer has shared, it is important to “cleanse the connecting link.” It is important to keep a close connection to our Divine Life Source and to our Spirit. Sometimes this may mean ending a friendship or a relationship, moving, or decluttering our homes etc., however more often than not, I have found that it means to consciously do the things that bring us peace, love, health and joy.

Although there are many ways to ‘cleanse the connecting link’, the following meditation practice is one that I most often use. Sit or lay down in a place that you feel comfortable. Connect with God and Archangel Michael, and set the intention to feel loved, peaceful, protected, joyful, healthy and supported always and in all ways. Allow the Angels to breathe for you. Visualize (or hear, know or feel, what ever feels right for you) a gentle clean and clear vacuum about a meter above you head, with the hose connected to God’s Divine golden light. Thank Archangel Michael for easily and completely vacuuming away all of your fears, worries, doubts, burdens and anything else that is holding you back. You may tell him if you want the vacuum to be on low, medium or high. All of these previous steps will only take a few seconds to complete. While being open to Archangel Michael taking care of this for you, sit quietly for three to five minutes, or however long you feel guided to. I will often feel warmth, tingling, see (in my mind’s eye) gray or dark matter leaving my body, especially out of my throat, as well as from my ears. Sometimes I will also feel a gentle pressure or something being removed in a particular area of my body. Other times, I will hear (in my inner ear) Divine Guidance that I’m meant to know, or will see (in my mind’s eye) something that I’m meant to let go of. After this brief meditation, I will then ask Archangel Michael to remove the first vacuum. He will then replace it with a new clean and clear vacuum, which is also connected to the Divine Life Source. From this second vacuum, I will visualize Divine golden light coming down over the top of my head, as it fills in every part of my body where the darkness has left. I will also have it extend out of and to surround my body, and to fill up my heart, so that I stay connected to my Spirit and to the Divine Life Source.

In addition to calling upon ArchAngel Michael during this meditation, you may also feel connected to work with Archangel Raphael for healing, Archangel Jophiel for bringing beauty into your life, Archangel Gabriel for help with communication or any of the other many Angels that are available to all of us at anytime that we ask. Asking for an Angel’s Divine love and help will not take them away from working with anyone else. No request is too big or too small. Remember that everything happens with Divine timing, so when we ask, we need to be open, allow, trust and to follow our intuition where and when we are guided to.

When the time comes for us to make the transition to the other side, after the life review is completed, we will decide if we want to incarnate and to return to Earth for another life. Again we co-create with God, and are given choices on what lessons we’d like to learn, as well as what family life and experiences would best serve our needs and our Soul’s growth. Some people will instead remain in heaven once they pass away and will act as Spirit Guides to assist those of us here on Earth. An author, such as Wayne Dyer may help authors with their writing or with public speaking; a historical figure such as Moses may help people with leadership; a singer, such as Michael Jackson, may encourage a child’s love of music, dancing, of self expression and of confidence; while a grandparent who loved gardening or fishing may guide and help people here on Earth with those tasks. When other people pass away, they may choose to stay in heaven or they may transition to another place in the vastness that exists. If we leave before our time, by our own hand, then we will come back to learn the same lessons again. There aren’t any shortcuts in life.

Our loved ones are always just a thought away. The energetic space between Heaven and Earth is as thin as gossamer cloth, and is truly just right here beside us. Your loved ones can hear you when you talk to and think about them. They will show you signs which will resonate with you, and which they know that you will be open to, such as ‘pennies from heaven’ (or dimes, here in Canada), where you will intuitively look down, see a coin and will immediately think of particular loved one. Know that this is their way of peacefully and lovingly getting your attention, so that you know that they are here with you at that moment in time. They are assisting you, they love you and they are supporting you. Other messages may come through fragrance, or through words that stand out on a licence plate, on a sign or in the pages of a book that you are randomly flipping through. Hearing a particular meaningful song, or seeing yourself with and having a conversation with a loved one in a dream, are other ways that they will come through to let you know that they love you, they are at peace or to pass along any special message that they have for you.

Our loved ones in heaven are never alone. They are with their family and friends, about eight to ten other immediate close connections, who they have shared this or other lifetimes with. When it is our time to make the transition, we will also be lovingly greeted by the Angels, as well as by our deceased loved ones in heaven, just as they were. We will never be, and they never are alone. There is always peace, love and joy in heaven. We are fully connected to our Spirit there. While we are here on Earth, we are each guided to stay connected to our Spirit and to our Divine Life Source.

What is it that makes you come alive? How do you stay connected with your Spirit? How have your experiences brought you to exactly where you need to be? How are these experiences supporting you in the greater vision of your Divine Life Purpose? Pay attention to this Divine Guidance and to these messages as they will provide meaning in your life.

Have a wonderful and a blessed week,


My Spiritual Path


Dearest Intuitives,

I think that no matter what we’re each called to do in life, either personally or professionally, that before we came to be, we co-created with Divine Energy, what I call God, what lessons we’d like to learn in this life, as well as which opportunities would best support our Soul’s growth. We then go about deciding which family, country and circumstances will help us the most in living and in creating this purpose, from birth until our last day.

For myself, before I was born, and when I was in what I would call heaven, I remember consciously deciding if I wanted to be born in Africa and to pass away from starvation when I was five, in order to learn the lessons of self care, health, being nurtured, or if I wanted to be born in my current life in Canada in order to learn about worthiness, self love, respect and many other things. Given that you’re reading this post, and thank you for sharing your time with me, you can see that I chose door number two.

Before I was born, I saw all of the great opportunities that lay ahead of me in this life, how I could help my parents, and others, along their own life path and with their Soul’s growth (which I believe that we’re all able to do for each other). I knew that if I met with resistance, and if my life didn’t turn out as ideal, that I would still learn incredible lessons and that I would have at least three significant people in my life who would always love and support me, no matter what.

I am extremely grateful for the choice that I made, and I wouldn’t change a moment of my life, even though there are parts that I wouldn’t wish upon anyone. I am completely grateful because these events have brought me to exactly where I needed to be and where I am right now. Throughout my life, I have been told many times that I don’t know how strong I am, however I’ve always intuitively known that the inner strength and resolve doesn’t, and never has, come from me. It has always come from Divine Energy.

Many significant events have occurred, which have brought me to this point in my life. As I continue to grow, learn and evolve, I’m sure that there will be many more points going forward. Some of the most significant events have been being born into the family and circumstances that I chose, where I felt out of place, awkward and believed myself to be unworthy. I was, and am, very different from the people in my family, and from this experience I’ve developed a self confidence muscle, have learned to stand up for myself, to learn as well as to teach self love and worthiness, independence, resiliency and self respect.

Growing up, I was always very sensitive to the energies around me, however I didn’t consciously realize it at the time. I remember hating being in my parents’ basement and I would run upstairs as fast as I could anytime that I had to be down there. When I wore hand me down clothes, there were some that I liked, while others, and one Roadrunner brand plaid shirt in particular that I hated. I felt and told my mom that “someone has been beaten in this shirt”. I would hate to wear it, and would put up a fight anytime that I was told to put it on. Clothes, items, cars and even houses hold energy, whether it is loving or not, as well as whether they are new or not. You’ve most likely heard the phrase, “if these walls could talk!” A particular item might come to mind that you might loathe or love and adore.

I have since come to understand and appreciate what a blessing it is to have this sensitivity and connection to Divine Guidance. I feel extremely blessed that everything in my life has brought me to this point and that my life really has come full circle. Instead of running out of basements, I now have a career in working with God, the Angels and other Divine Beings to clear, bless and protect the energy in people’s homes, businesses and land. I respect myself and this sensitivity by staying away from the news, especially when horrific or scary events occur, as it drains my energy and I begin to feel disconnected from my Spirit. I have also learned that it’s very important to be aware of who I spend my time with, as well as where I spend my time…what fills me up and what drains me…

It is interesting that it has always seemed that for the most part, the relationships, people, places and events that are not in my highest and best interest will naturally fall away. When this happens in your life, and you’re not clear on the path that lays ahead, while sitting or laying in a comfortable position, connect with Divine Guidance and set the intention of being shown the way, clearly and easily. If hearing, feeling or knowing resonates with you more, do what feels natural and right for you. Thank the Angels for breathing for you, and allow whatever messages that are meant for you to come through.

Due to the law of free will, except for in extreme circumstances, the Angels can’t intervene on our behalf. When we set the intention, ask and are open to the possibility of it, we will always be guided on the right path.

Now it’s your turn… In what ways has your life and experiences been a blessing in your life, even if they didn’t seem like it at the time? How have they helped you to grow, discover, learn and bring you to exactly where you need to be?

Much Love,


Books, Books, Books!


Ah…books! What is better than books? Okay, there are a few things such as having and nurturing amazing and healthy relationships with family and friends; time at the beach comes close as well, however I don’t know that much else materially has impacted my life so profoundly as reading a great book.

Growing up as an intuitive child and feeling like the ‘odd man out’ in my family and in my peer group, books provided solace, understanding and comfort. It was wonderful to know that when I read a book that really connected with me, that there was at least one other person in the world, the author, who understood. This was a long time before the Internet or even social media provided a platform for like minded individuals, as well as for the authors and readers, to connect over similar interests and beliefs. I spent a lot of time, and even more money, at the local bookstores when I was growing up. It was incredible to read about experiences and interests that I had, and in a small way to know that I wasn’t ‘crazy’ or alone in the world.

In elementary school, I remember reading the book “Charlotte Sometimes” by Penelope Farmer, where the main character, Charlotte, would turn a knob on her bedpost and would be transported to another time and place. This idea fascinated me so much that I’m sure that as a young child, I tried to turn the knob on my bedpost a few times too, ‘just to see what would happen’. I loved the idea from this book that there were other realities and opportunities in our lives, other than just the one that we were presently in and that we saw before us.

Some of the books which impacted me greatly in the 1990s were “Children’s Past Lives” by Carol Bowman, “Talking to Heaven” by James Van Praagh, “Awakening Intuition” by Dr. Mona Lisa Schultz as well as Jacky Newcomb’s many books about Angels. At the time I didn’t understand that I was on a quest for deeper understanding and knowledge, however these books certainly awakened me to the Spiritual path that my life was on. I will also always owe Oprah and her show a depth of gratitude for awakening me to authors such as Cheryl Richardson, Iyanla Vanzant, Wayne Dyer, Gary Zukav and many others, as these books, ideas and teachings came into and impacted my life in profound ways, as well as at the perfect time. Through listening to the Hay House I Can Do It! Podcasts, I’ve recently learned about the authors Meggan Watterson, John Holland, Robert Holden, David Kessler and a few others, whose works I’ve never come across at our local library or bookstores.

It’s fascinating how one person, whether they’re an author or not, will have a huge impact on another person’s life through their work, whether or not they lived at the same time in history or ever had an opportunity to meet.

For many years I had and loved my enormous library. I would keep every book that I bought which resonated with me, and I moved this collection between the many cities and provinces which I have lived in over the years. Now, I get much more joy from sharing the books that I have read. I only keep a few which are truly meaningful to me, and which I will reread over and over again. Energetically, it makes such a profound difference when we regularly go through our items and decide which ones are meaningful to us, which ones would be better served by giving to friends, donating to your local library or by providing it to a goodwill organization who will sell it. It is important to regularly go through our items to make room. You may never know how a book that you’ve read and have shared will positively impact the life of someone else, however you can rest assured that it will.

Here is a prayer to help you to release books or any other items which are no longer of service.

“Dear God, Archangels Gabriel and Uriel, Thank you for guiding my actions and for helping me to easily release everything in my life which no longer serves me. Thank you for putting this item in the hand of the person who most needs it right now and for them to be open to receive this gift as well. Amen.”

Now it’s your turn, which books and authors have positively influenced you and your life? Which books are meaningful to you? Is there an author that you’ve heard about recently who you’re now wondering, “how have I never heard about this person before?” Thank you for sharing.

Have a wonderful day.

Much Love,


See Yourself at the End and Plant the Seed


Dearest Intuitives,

Over the past week, I’ve been contemplating the wisdom possessed in the “I Can Do It!” Conference, and the information that was shared. Wayne Dyer talks about seeing yourself at the end. The thought came to mind that the reason why we plant a single tomato seed is because we intuitively see, know and trust that it can produce a beautiful plant, and a vine rich with delicious tomatoes at the end. A single apple seed is also powerful enough to create a whole orchard. When we plant a seed, just as when we set an intention in our life, we are doing so because we anticipate the desired result. Intuitively, we can see, taste, touch, know and smell the blessings from and the result at the end.

In the “Tribute to Wayne Dyer” video, Wayne also talked about cleansing the connecting link to the source, so that we are in harmony with the field of intention. Always be ready to keep the connecting link between you and the Divine source clear and uncorroded. In order to get the best possible result, and to bear the most fruit, we must nurture the seed with clean, fresh and healthy water, fertilizer and what ever else the plant may need. Our lives also benefit greatly, when our intentions are planted in healthy soil, when the garden of our minds are regularly tended to, and when the weeds (anything that keeps us from Divine Love and Source Energy) are quickly removed, so that we are in a constant state of receiving and being nurtured by Divine Love. The weeds are taken out so that the soil, seeds, plant, flowers and fruit can be nurtured, grow and create new seeds, to further sustain life, long after the first plant is gone. We are able to serve greatly, when tend to our own growth and development, when we nurture our intuition and “see ourselves at the end.”

The miracle that occurs is in what is beyond our control. Although we see ourselves at the end, set the intention and do the work, just as the tomato seed will germinate, turn into a seedling, a vine, a mature plant, will grow flowers that bloom and will finally bear ripe fruit, there is also growth going on within us that while we see, we are not the primary creators of. All of this takes place by staying connected and co-creating with the Divine Source, which is the ultimate source of our supply. We may not see everything that is occurring behind the scenes with Divine timing, and it’s something that can’t be forced or rushed, however the miracle and the growth is still occurring. When the time is right and the fruit is ripe, it will be there for us to receive it.

The miracle continues to occur when we are able to inspire and support others, by planting the seeds from the new fruit which has grown from the lessons and the personal growth which has occurred through us. The miracle of growth continues to occur, long after the first seed that was planted is gone. In the words of John F. Kennedy, “A rising tide lifts all boats.”

So now it’s your turn. What are the goals, dreams and desires that you feel Divinely guided to pursue? How do you see yourself “at the end”, having successfully achieved this result? What first three steps are you being guided to take today in pursuit of this? How are you being guided to use your life and to be of service in a way that is authentic and right for you?

I look forward to hearing your answers.

Much Love,

Kathy 💖

Following Divine Guidance and Releasing Resistance

I Can Do It! Stage Toronto 2016

Dearest Intuitives,

Thank you for sharing this space with me, and for honouring yourself and your life calling by following your intuition and Divine Guidance.

Recently, I was guided to attend the “I Can Do It!” conference in Toronto, put on by HayHouse Publishing, who have published some of my favourite books and authors. I didn’t know why I was meant to and felt guided to attend, however I knew an trusted (or perhaps, more dared the Universe) that if I was truly meant to attend, that I would be there.

At first glance, when we’re being guided to pursue a new path, the resistance, our ego, our disconnection from our Divine Spirit and guidance, through feelings such as fear, may show us the obstacles, to try to convince us that there’s a valid reason for us not attending to our needs or to follow our intuition. These excuses and lies are the resistance that we use to try to justify, and to ‘validate’ why we didn’t do what we felt guided to do. In my case, the excuses that came up to not follow my intuition were: you have another commitment that weekend, it’s in Toronto/wait until it comes closer to home, you haven’t traveled or flown in eight years, how will you get from Halifax to Toronto and back easily in one weekend, you’ll have to stay at a hotel/where will you stay, it’s really expensive etc.

No matter how loud the voice of resistance is, however that shows up for us in our lives, our intuition and Divine Guidance will always be peaceful, loving and joy filled reminders of what is in our highest and best interest, and what we are being Divinely Guided to pursue. When we follow our Divine Guidance, one step at a time, the fear and the resistance becomes less palpable when we pray for and open ourselves up to this guidance. One of my favourite prayers in these moments are, “May God go before me and show me the way.” I will also connect with Divine Guidance and will visualize a warm, peaceful and loving golden stream of light coming into the top of my head and will ask the Divine Source, “is it in my highest and best interest to ___(fill in the blank)____?” Trust what ever yes/no message that you receive.

For myself, my first step in following my intuition to attend the “I Can Do It!” (what an appropriate name!) conference in Toronto was to see if I could reschedule my commitment, which surprisingly happened quite easily, as that was the biggest obstacle and block to attending I had. Next, I felt guided to purchase the Preferred full conference pass, because if I was going to go, I was going to go all in. I kept on trying to give myself excuses not to attend, while at the same time, knowing that I needed to be there. The next day, I booked the plane ticket. “Okay,” I thought, “this is becoming real!” Still feeling resistance, it took me two weeks before I booked the hotel room, the last piece of the puzzle.

The funny thing about resistance and fear is, is that when you work through and get past it, so that you are following your intuition, the thought then becomes, “I don’t know what I was so afraid of!”, and “That was easy!” That is the wonderful thing about following our intuition and Divine Guidance, is that it is truly the path of least resistance.

This brings to mind the beautiful “Tribute to Wayne Dyer” video, which HayHouse put together a compilation of Wayne’s profound teachings. In it, he shared a story of singing “row, row, row your boat” with his daughter when she was a child. the song says it so perfectly, “row, row, row your boat”: your boat, your life path, your intuition and Divine Guidance, not anyone else’s. “Gently down the stream”: be gentle with yourself and others, go down the stream where the path is easier and there is the least resistance, don’t pursue resistance, avoidance and fear by going up the stream. “Merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream.”: Life is so joy filled that it feels like a dream when we are following our intuition and Divine Life Purpose, what we truly came here on Earth to do.

Attending the conference really brought to mind how resistance has been showing up in my life. (Thank you Gabby, I owe you a depth of gratitude more than you know and I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to properly pay you back, but I will pass it on). I was also reminded how important it is to truly love, honour and respect ourselves, to follow our intuition, to fill ourselves up with Divine Guidance and to keep the connection between source and ourselves clear and corrosion free.

Although my initial desire to attend the conference was to see five of the eleven speakers, whose work I really admire, I hadn’t initially intended to spend the whole weekend at the conference, as I thought that there would be other things that I would also want to do and see in Toronto. However, after having walked around in Toronto all day on Friday, prior to the conference starting, I (and my feet) had had my fill, and I was guided to stay at the conference the whole weekend. Looking back, I am very grateful that I did. I truly enjoyed listening to the authors that I was looking forward to seeing and meeting. The authors whose stories that I didn’t know and who I had initially planned on skipping were some of the most pivotal and life changing moments of the conference for me, where a shift was truly taking place. My deepest love and gratitude also goes out to Cheryl, whose kindness, love and generosity is beyond measure.

In paraphrasing Gabby Bernstein, where ever we feel resistance and darkness in our lives, that is where we most need to shine the light. “My shadows make me whole.” Question: “What’s new?” Answer: “I am new.”

So now it’s your turn. Where has intuition been guiding you to go in your life? What are you being called to do? How is resistance showing up in your life? Shine a light on it and see it for what it really is. It is time to honour your path, and to fill up your chalice/your vessel with Divine light and truth.

Much Love,



butterfly transformation image

Dearest Intuitives,

We all have those pivotal moments in our lives where a change takes place. It may be sudden and unexpected, or it may be a new growth that has been happening seemingly slowly for a long time. However it happens and shows up for us in our lives, there will come a moment when we’ll realize that we’re not the same as we were before. Like the butterfly, we have been transformed. The former body of the caterpillar, while once quite useful to us in the previous version of ourselves, no longer serves us, and we now need and have wings to fly. That is the blessing that everything that we need will be there for us and in the exact form when we need it.

The interesting thing is that the people around us may not have realized that we’ve transformed, as our internal growth may not be as apparent to them as it is with the caterpillar and the butterfly.

As you transform in your own life, it is important to use your own intuition, that peaceful and loving Divine Guidance about how you want to spend your time, as well as who you want to spend your time with. You may find yourself being drawn to events and activities that you’ve “always” wanted to do and have been putting off, ones that you were once passionate about, which you had stopped doing or had forgotten about, or you may be guided to do something new that you had never considered before. Whatever it is, trust those curious moments and explore.

You are now attracting new events, life circumstances and people into your life that are in vibrational alignment with where you are now in your life. Be curious and open to all of the new opportunities which are now present and abundant in your life.

Some parts of your life may seem unrecognizable, and that is okay, because like the butterfly who has been transformed, you are now seeing and are experiencing your life from a higher place, in a new way and perhaps in some aspects, for the first time.
Have a wonderful day,


Connecting with Divine Guidance

Rays of Sunshine

Discussing Intuition and Divine Guidance is an interesting topic for me because while I have memories from birth and before, on being connected to God and the Angels, which always seemed very normal to me. It wasn’t until I was older and I started sharing this information with my family and our priest, who was a good friend of the family that I realized that they weren’t pleased by this news. I was told that only priests and Popes can talk with God and the Angels. When I told them that I needed to be a Pope then, when I grew up, I was told that I wasn’t able to, because I’m a girl. After a while, I started referring to this Divine Guidance as intuition and even though the source was always the same, for a number of years, I forgot that it was God and the Angels that I was communicating with.

One of my favourite quotes is, “If prayer is you talking to God, then intuition is God talking to you.” –Wayne Dyer

A few years ago at a workshop that I was attending, the participants and I were talking about intuition, and during the course of the conversation, it came up that many of the participants only started recognizing and feeling connected to their intuition after they escaped serious injuries from car accidents. While I would recommend avoiding an accident at all costs, it is interesting how similar people’s stories are from various walks of life. At the same time, other people will start having or recognizing intuitive messages later on in life, with no explanations of why or how it’s suddenly occurring.

In my experience, I’ve felt that it’s important to be able to discern what is intuitive and Divine Guidance, and what is not. While you may be connected to your intuition through one or several means, such as sight, sound, taste, touch, smell or knowingness, the messages themselves are distinctive. Divine Guidance and intuition are peaceful, loving, joyful messages which are short (one or a few words at most) and are persistent. When we don’t understand, acknowledge or follow the message the first time, we will continue to receive the message until we pay attention.

You may have heard Oprah call these “AHA!” moments or have heard her say, “Life whispers to you all the time. Your life is speaking to you all around, from the time you wake up in the morning, in every single experience that’s coming into your personal space. All of those experiences are speaking to you. They’re telling you something about your life and about your circumstances. It whispers, and if you don’t get the whisper, the whisper gets louder,” she continues. “If you don’t get the whisper when it gets louder, I call it like a little pebble — a little thump — upside the head… The pebble or the thump upside the head usually [means] it’s gone into a problem. [If] you don’t pay attention to the brick upside your head, the crisis turns into a disaster and the whole house — brick wall — comes falling down.”

There have been times in my life where I have felt guided to take a certain path or to complete a certain task without knowing why or what the end result will be. At these times, I find that it’s helpful to call upon God and the Angels, or whatever Divine Guide such as Moses, Mother Mary, The Holy Spirit, Jesus etc. that you feel connected to. Like rays of the sun, they can be in all places at once and calling upon them for help doesn’t take Divine Guides away from someone else who is calling upon them as well. The sun shining in one part of the world doesn’t stop the sun shining in another part of the world. In addition to anything that you can imagine, you can ask them for clarification and further confirmation that you are correctly seeing, hearing and understanding your intuition and the Divine Guidance that you’re receiving.

A simple and effective prayer is that can be said at anytime is this, “Dear ArchAngel Uriel, thank you for lighting my way so that I may clearly see, hear, know and feel the Divine Guidance that you have for me.”

Have a wonderful day,


The Power of Prayer

As the forest fire burns in Fort McMurray, I can’t help but turn to the power of prayer. When events seem out of our control, sometimes the only thing that we’re able to do is pray.

In my experience, prayer is most effective when we’re giving thanks, as well as when we’re acting out of love and gratitude. Prayer may be done in meditation, traditionally through clasping your hands or while kneeling, through visualization, or by what ever means feels right and resonates with you. At different times of our lives, prayer may be done differently or in different locations, such as your church or place of worship, while at the beach, in a quiet room in your home, while out for a walk or a bike ride, in the car or on the bus on your way to work.

When we pray out of love and gratitude, it is effective, no matter where we’re doing or what our preferred means of connecting with our Divine Guidance is.

Like I’m sure many other people have done, there were previous times in my life where I have ‘prayed’ or perhaps more so pleaded to a higher power for certain events to occur in my life, which I thought that I wanted at the time. I would become frustrated or upset when my prayers wouldn’t be answered or at least weren’t answered in the way that I wanted them to be. At different points in our lives we’ll be told yes, no or not yet.

Once I learned that prayer is most effective through gratitude and giving thanks, as well as acting out of love, it is much easier to focus on the important things in life and to be blessed through the power of prayer. A few of my favourite things to say during a prayer is, “this or something better God”, “may God go before me and show me the way”, as well as, “is it in my highest and best interest to…[fill in the blank with what ever is important to you, and trust the answer that you receive.]”

Everything that we want, need and desire already exists.

Robin Sharma tells a wonderful story about being in a place that was experiencing a drought and being invited to go to a prayer circle with a friend. After a few short minutes, his friend was ready to go, and Robin was perplexed because he thought that his friend was going to pray for rain. His friend explained that he never prays for something, as that is coming from a place of lack. Instead, in the prayer, his friend visualized and felt what it’s like to have the rain coming down on him, and what it’s like to have his feet in the mud after a big rainstorm.

What ever we focus on, persists.

When we pray and give thanks for the fires being safely, easily and quickly extinguished, as well for the health and safety of everyone involved, miracles unfold. When we send our love, joy, healing and peace, through the power of prayer, miracles occur. We don’t need to ask for it to be done, we just need to trust that it is so.

All my love,