Divinely Guided Energetic Clearings

Would you like your home to be a sanctuary where you feel more peaceful, calm and serene? Is your child having trouble sleeping at night? Are there spaces in your home that your child states that they feel uneasy in? Are you looking to buy or to sell your house and would like to ease the transition? Have you been missing participating in activities that you used to love such as hosting parties, cooking or other hobbies? Would you like it to be easier to declutter and to release the items that you are no longer using? Have you been feeling that your home is ‘weighing you down’?

Would you like to attract new business and to increase your current client base? Would you like to feel better when you’re at work and to look forward to going in each day? Would you like your existing workplace to be more calm, serene, productive and enjoyable?

Energetic clearings can also ease the transition when loved ones are getting ready to cross over, both for those who are passing away and to ease the grief of those who are left behind.

Professional Divinely Guided house, business, land and space clearings can be done, and are just as effective, from a distance, as well as in person. It is done on a very deep level (much more than just smudging with sage) through connecting with and calling upon God, Archangel Michael and other Angels and Divine Beings to offer you a peaceful and a sacred space, filled with Divine light and love.

House/space clearing involves 4 Divinely Guided Steps:

1. God & Archangel Michael clear any negative energy/entities from home/land.

2. Invoking Divine love and light and other uplifting energy into your home.

3. Divine protection for home/land and you, anyone living in your home.

4. Educating you on how to improve the sacredness of your home/messages from the angels about the house clearing.


From A Distance: $150

In Person: $325

All sessions are strictly confidential.


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