Angel Card Readings

Seeking direct and loving messages from your Guardian Angels and from Archangels? Needing Divine Guidance, help understanding your intuition or your child’s questions and gifts?

Angel card readings are a personal consultation to assist in your personal growth, spiritual growth, healing and to create inner peace. During an Angel card reading, I offer Angelic and Divine Guidance in various aspects of your life and facilitate powerful angelic healing.

Through Angel readings, I connect through hearing, seeing and knowing Divinely guided messages from your Angels, spirit guides and God. By connecting to the Angelic and spiritual realm, I relay loving messages, images and any guidance I receive for you in a safe, comfortable and conversational way. My focus is the here and now, to relay loving guidance to you to keep you on your life path, and to help you understand any abilities that your children may have.

You can ask your Guardian Angels and God various, specific questions and receive loving, guiding answers in return. Angel readings are not specific to any religion. It is meant to assist in your spiritual growth. You take from it what works for you personally and what fits with your spiritual beliefs.

Due to the law of free will, you need to ask for Angelic divine help. This is your life to lead and it is your choice to ask for Angelic and Divine Guidance!

What are Angels? Angels are loving and peaceful beings of pure white light, derived from God. Their purpose is to lovingly assist us, watch over us and to guide us in understanding and carrying out our divine life purpose. Each of us is assigned at least two guardian angels from birth until death to lovingly guide us in leading our lives to our fullest potential! There are also many other angels who can come to us, help us, guide us and protect us when we’re in need, and call upon them for their loving guidance, support and help.

Common Topics:

How To Best Help Your Intuitive Child

Life Purpose and Career

Relationship Issues

Love Life

Health Concerns


30 Minute Session ~ In Person, via Zoom, Facebook Messenger or Over the Phone : $60

60 Minute Session ~ In Person, via Zoom, Facebook Messenger or Over the Phone : $120

All sessions are strictly confidential.


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